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The issue is that memoQ doesn't show the custom punctuation marks you have already added. The error is: Internal application error. This article assumes basic understanding of the c... Unfortunately when you enter the serial key you've used on your first installation o... http://thenewnexus.net/internal-application/internal-application-error-m4.html

Fix : You have probably used memoQ for long... Exported XML does not look identical to original XML Title: Exported XML does not look identical to original XML Description: You imported an XML file that had a lot of whitespaces, line breaks, etc. When you create a new term base in memoQ 2013, you have a new option in your term base default... Title: How to export a partially translated document?

Imagine the following text: This is a sentence. We found only solution is to delete the profiles in the following directory. View pane display issue Title: View pane display issue Description: In order to display the View pane in memoQ, memoQ uses the font Segoe UI. Troubleshooting: memoQ cannot reach out to Language Terminal Symptom: On some systems, memoQ displays an error message when it attempts to reach out to Language Terminal, e.g., when the user wants to save a project backup there.

  1. We are glad to be able to tell you, the wait is finally over.
  2. General Error: Corrupt TermExtract file Title : Corrupt TermExtract file Context : You cannot open a memoQ project.
  3. This means you can complete the project as you would do with a normal local project.Hope that you know what to do.

The default lock time is 2000ms for devices and 5000ms for desktops. This article explains the reasons behind not showing repetitions in online projects. Unfortunately whenever you try to open a project in memoQ 5 you are confronted with a message stating: "User session is not valid or has expired ."... We go through the typical situations and offer step-by-step ...

Online projects allow you to work full online in using server documents, or to choose ... Status columns in the translation grid Title: Status column in the translation grid Description: The translation grid consists of one row for every segment, and three columns in each row. The issue is that memoQ doesn't show the custom punctuation marks you have already added. http://kb.memoq.com/article/AA-00609/0/General-Error%3A-Opening-a-document-for-translation-throws-error-message.html Context : You are using memoQ, likely on a large project and suddenly memoQ freeze and crashes.

Termbase matches - use of asterisk and pipe character Title : Termbase matches - use of asterisk and pipe character Context : You are editing, or entering content into a TermBase. Title: Known issue: document synchronization problems in online projects when using splitting and joining Description: When two or more users are working on the same document in parallel in an online project, and do splits and joins, some work by the tra... when there's a match inserted that I don't want to use).Also, I'm having trouble confirming segments (both with Ctr+Enter and via the menu button) – whenever I press confirmation, I get this error message:Allgemeiner Fehler (General mistake)TYPE:System.Data.SqlServerCe.SqlCeLockTimeoutExceptionMESSAGE:SQL Server Compact timed out waiting for a lock. Title : Installing memoQ on a third computer.

You have an XSLT file or a folder with ... How to: You can only perf... Error: Corrupt TM (translation memory) Title : Corrupt TM (translation memory). Context : For some reason you need to install memoQ on a third machine, but your memoQ license only allows you to install a single serial on two distinct machine.

Title: Known issue: memoQ hangs in online projects with "Saving to server" message in the status bar Description: With memoQ 2014 build 7 and before there is a known issue that can cause memoQ to become unresponsive when translating in an online project,... http://thenewnexus.net/internal-application/internal-application-error-wmp.html This is a sentence. memoQ 4.x or 5 no longer opens .doc files after Word has been rei... The installers of memoQ and memoQ server are available from the Downloads section of our website.

Title: My documents are not synchronized but the translations are in the TM Context: You are working on an online project, with online TMs. This article describes what you can do to import the file into memoQ. Actually, this is not a problem though many people fi... navigate here You need to restore the package in version 6.2 first, and then open the project in memoQ 2013 to convert it.You cannot connect to a memoQ 2013 server from memoQ 6.2, and you cannot connect to a memoQ 6.2 server from memoQ 2013.

This... You want memoQ to recognise them no matter if they are at the beginning of the sentence in upper case or later, in lowe... It appears that there is no locally saved bilingual file either, at least I can't find any such file in the project folder on my PC.In Trados Studio, when doing online projects, you still 'own' your local project and bilingual files.

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General Error: Corrupt TranslationMemories file Title : Corrupt TranslationMemories.xml file Context : You cannot open a memoQ, or a memoQ project. For example support* would match support, su... memoQ Help has the following main s... Extracted term translation Title: Extracted term translation Description: You as a translator run a term extraction and now you would like to fill in the corresponding translation for a term in the candidate list editor.

memoQ TM Search tool Title: memoQ TM Search tool Description: The memoQ TM Search tool helps you to look up your translation memories for words or phrases outside of memoQ, and copy the contents to the Windows clipboard, and paste the contents in another application. It sheds light on the differences from the standard XLIFF. plugin in memoQ6 How to use the Let’s MT! his comment is here Migrating memoQ client Title : Migrating my memoQ client Context : You want to upgrade your memoQ client to the latest released version How to : Download the most recent memoQ client build from the Kilgray website, in the Download section.

Now, I want to check out an online project but MemoQ gives me an error and it could not open the project and files. Also, default setting for new terms changes back from fuzzy to the old setting. 0027547: Translation package containing project term base imports without term base content into server project Fixes to the cleanup of temporary files affecting the import of mqxliff files, the online project file system feature, and WSAPI alignment import Help file with updated language list plus corrected information on slicing vs subvendor assignment Share Tweet Search for: All News Press Releases Service Announcements memoQfest Kilgray Language Terminal memoQ 2014 memoQ memoQ 2014 R2 Support Translation memories memoQ 2013 memoQ 2015 Kilgray Translation Technologies Why memoQ Benefits Learn more and try Customer references Industry solutions Translation products Get memoQ Versions and pricing Integrations with memoQ Compatibility and extensions Professional Services Buy Learn Webinars Guides and videos memoQ Knowledge Base eBooks from Kilgray memoQ help Training courses Trainers Upgrade Upgrade benefits Upgrade and support policy About us Background Declaration of independence Mission and vision Meet us Partnership Sales Team Management Team Kilgray Privacy Policy Careers Contact us News HOME | SEARCH | REGISTER RSS | MY ACCOUNT | EMBED RSS | SUPER RSS | Contact Us | ProZ.com Translation Forums http://deu.proz.com/rss/forum/590 Are you the publisher? SOURCE: System CALL STACK: bei System.Uri.Cr... The LISA, J2450, and memoQ's own model were also localized into German, Hungarian, Spanish, French and Brazilian Portuguese.

We have send the problem to our customer, wish there is a permanert solution. Subject: Comment: The contents of this post will automatically be included in the ticket generated. How To: Control html tags as external/internal Since the HTML filter does not have option to change tags to external or internal (except for
) like XML filter has, it is not possible to do it on Document import settings window. They can be found in the Resource Console > LQA settings. Once you ...

Symptom: The memoQ server service does not start. plugin for memoQ Some information about Let’s MT! : Before going into the details of how to use “Let’s MT!” it is important to note that it is a EU Commission funded project that is still in a Beta stage. General Error: Corrupt memoQLog file Title : Corrupt memoQLog file Context : You cannot open any projects in memoQ (online or offline). Title: memoQ client installer refuses to start, complaining about the version of Windows Description: You are trying to install memoQ on your PC, but receive the following error message: The version of this file is not compatible with the version of Wind...

How to: Backup all of your projects (from the Dashboard, ... Comments : This guide is meant for users that already have a Systran account, server, user accounts as yell as potentially pre-configured profiles. Accessing a memoQ server 5 with my memoQ 6 client (impossible) Title : I cannot access a memoQ server 5 with my memoQ 6 client. You have noticed that since you installed the upgrade,...

x-translate and pre-translate Title: x-translate and pre-translate Description: X-translate allows you to apply the translations from a previous major version of the same document to a new major version of the document. Using qterm term base in online project Title: Using qterm term base in online project Description: When you have a license for qTerm, you can create browser-based term bases.